Thursday, October 25, 2007

Virgin post

Hello and welcome to the "blogger" side of, a (still unfinished) website and sound company I created back in 2K2.

If you're gonna visit the site, be forewarned it's a pop up. Heavily influenced by (and its shutting down at the time), I wanted to come up with another site devoted to sharing good music for anyone who wants to hear it, spreading the word about upcoming release dates, noteworthy reissues, my personal crate finds, label & cover art and stuff like that. Like it was to be an RIAA-friendly site that allowed streaming but no downloads so I could keep things goin’ and steer clear of litigation and those nasty cease & desist letters.

So why didn't I just make a Blog to begin with? Because when I came up with idea there was no in place yet and if I was gonna go thru the hassle of maintaining a website, I wanted to go all out and design my own from scratch. Add to that the fact that there also wasn’t the bounty of sites and online sources there are now for one to get one’s paws on dusty, forgotten gems. Puttin' up my own site just seemed like the best way to go. When blogger came about, I signed up and all that but never started an actual blog. Anyway, I guess better late than never right? WRONG!! I wound up having to name this blog’s URL "OriginalSOUL4Life" cuz I took way too long to embrace this blog stuff and unwittingly let someone else jack my name. That all being said, I’m finally here and though I’m still not 100% sure what I'm gonna do with this page just yet (or when I’ll find the time to maintain it), I’ll most likely post up soundclips, and some pics for sure and occasionally a video clip or two plus whatever else pops into my head…y’know any way the wind blows.

So dig, feel free to go ‘head on and subscribe to the RSS feeds and/or keep checkin’ back for new posts.