Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quickie: Diana Ross - Muscles (Extended Version)

After "Mirror Mirror" from her 1981 debut RCA LP, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, this is possibly my favorite RCA-era Diana Ross cut. Penned and produced by Michael Jackson, "Muscles" was the lead single from Ross' 1982 Silk Electric album. I yanked this one from a $2 bin a years back, I own the LP, cassette & 45 but never heard the 12" version. The vinyl was kinda beat up but after a few minutes on the Nitty Gritty and some restoration in Audition it cleaned up pretty nicely.

If you're tryin' to find a hard copy of this extended mix to add to your stacks at home, ya better have a turntable in yer life 'cause this one never made it to any comps (none that I know of anyway). The good thing is, it's pretty easy to find without spending too much dough. You can try your luck here.



Stretch said...

This use to be the jam!!!

Anonymous said...
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