Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silk - Midnight Dancer

What's good people? This week, as promised, I bring you part 2 of last week's Anglo Saxon Brown/Silk post. Not gonna get too wordy on this one since I covered the bulk of the info on this band in Part 1.

As of this writing, Midnight Dancer is loooong out of print, but If you want a copy to call your very own, you can try finding one here.

Featured cut: "I Can't Stop (Turning You On)"

Listen and n-joi!


Stretch said...

Thanks for the file...appreciate You!!!

Red Lion, Bradley said...

What a great surprise to find your blog. I've got the Anglo Saxon Brown album and it's much loved but I haven't heard the Silk album. I'd love to have a listen but can't find the link to it on your site. Am I missing it? I've know and loved 'Can't Stop' for many years and have always wanted to hear the Silk album. I bought a 7 inch single of 'Can't Stop' a few years back but the wonderful intro is cut off so I think it's time to get the album - would love to hear it first though.

I have to say thanks for introducing me to the track that plays when your page opens. I was hunting around frantically trying to find out who it was by. The voice was so familiar but it's a bit southern sounding for Chaka Khan but I did think it sounded a little like a cross between her and Betty Wright, though I know BW doesn't have that kind of powerful voice (she's wonderful nevertheless).

Thanks again

Niall Crowley

Slay'd said...

I just checked, the links are still active. Click the word "n-joi". Thanks.

DiamondTeddybear said...

Love CAn't stop. I heard a singer do the " oh i can make you happy" part for an interlude...never knew it was a sample tho. This song is hot!

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