Monday, February 11, 2008

Quickie: Joyce Hopson - This Time

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the voice behind this quickie post. I only know that I grew up with this 45 as part of my Pop's collection and I always dug it. I'm guessing it was a one-off single circa 1968 recorded for Revue (a division of MCA) as I haven't come across any other records by her so far. I ripped it for my 60s page about 5 years ago and the 45 is now far out of reach, else I would've ripped the flipside, "I Surrender To You" too. If anyone has any info about Joyce Hopson, drop a line.

While this single is a kinda on the rare side, you can still track down your own copy here or if you're lucky, here.


flo said...

haven't seen this album in years thanks

denmac said...

heard this tune many years ago via my mate rob kay .other side was considered THE tune,not a chance his side is the bizz. so good i thought it was as good as sam fletcher. i treasure my copy

denmac said...

joyce hopson this time !!!!!what a tune. given to me by my friend rob kay for the other side. played this side and WHAAAAAW. in my top ten ever tunes denmac

Anonymous said...

I'm responding to the comment about the singer, Joyce Hopson who made the record I surrender.I know this lady very well, because she is my mother. She made that record along with the song This time back when she was 19 years old. She is 63 years old now and doing wonderful living in saint louis missouri.I thank you and anybody else who has listened and liked my mother's song's.

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